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The Vegan Organic Network and Trust
An excellent UK based site on vegan farming, lots of info and links.
Address: 30 Helvellyn road, Wigan, Lancs WN5 9UR (UK)
Phone: 01942 214 660
Mail: nicsuefox@btopenworld.com
Web: www.veganorganic.net
Organic Pathways (article)
*Very imformative to the point article about veganic agriculture
Address: New Zealand
Web: www.organicpathways.co.nz
Center for Vegan, Organic Education
Great source for veganic information, offering plenty of info and a animal free soil conditioner for all soil type.
Address: P.O. Box 13217 Burton, WA 98013
Phone: 206 463 4525
Mail: info@veganorganiced.org
Web: www.veganorganiced.org
Veg Family (article)
Nice article on vegan farming. Lots of info also among the site for raising vegan children
Address: 9436 Deer Lodge Lane Las Vegas, NV 89129
Phone: (702) 991-1253
Web: www.vegfamily.com
People For Animal Rights (article)
In depth article on vegnanics, also a great site to learn how to get involved with animal rights.
Address: P.O. Box 8707 Kansas City, MO 64114
Web: www.parkc.org
The Vegan society
Very in depth on vegan organic education and the necessities to get started.
Web: www.vegansociety.com
Cashew Cheese au Poivre
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