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Vital Creations was founded by Chad Sarno in 1999, with the mission of celebrating life & food in an open, joyous and healthful way.
Vital Creations began as a personal journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. As a child, Chad fell in love with the art of food. He adored watching his Italian grandmother prepare elaborate and beautiful meals, utilizing local ingredients at their peak of freshness and flavor, and was captivated by the power of hand-crafted fare – when shared among family and friends – to inspire conversation, to heal strained relationships, to comfort weary souls.
But like many, as a young man Chad began to sense the growing “disconnect” between the foods we eat and the Earth we wander. The warmth and love his grandmother infused into her cuisine was missing from the foods provided by the mechanized, post-industrial, mega-supermarket world. Large multi-national corporations grew, picked, processed, and packaged more and more of world’s bounty each day, reducing the deep traditions of agriculture into chemical-farming…reducing the art of food into little more than microwave directions. The joy & cultural nourishment of our cuisine had been extracted from the eating experience, replaced by the cold and corrupting influence of corporate profit-taking and propaganda.
Chad travelled the world, seeking the counsel of those whose work reminded people of both the implicit benefits of hand-crafting foods and the virtues of “walking the earth lightly”. Whether in the American desert or the Philippine jungle, he studied traditional ingredients and customs, and began bringing them together in newly healthful and delicious ways.
With vegan cuisine generally, and living foods specifically, Chad experienced how locally sourced plant-based foods - the staple diet of many cultures - provided him a level of vitality, energy, and serenity rarely seen in the traditional West. (Indeed, even his childhood asthma disappeared!) With the guidance and reflection of many teachers along with way, he began eating food only in its raw state, experimenting with their living textures, smells, and tastes. With each creation, he saw the horizon of Living Foods broaden.
Soon, Chad began formally sharing what he was learning. He founded Vital Creations LLC and RawChef.com, and began sharing his dreams and hopes for the Living Foods movement with anyone who would listen. He crafted and fine-tuned his recipes, cataloguing the growing and cultivation methods for each of his ingredients, and compiled valuable contacts among the constellation of individuals and companies also working to progress the Living Foods movement. These original writings and recipes became Vital Creations - An Organic Life Experience.
Following the publication, Vital Creations began offering raw culinary classes, and quickly things took on a momentum of their own. It soon became apparent that the world was ready for this inspired and straightforward approach to health, and Vital Creations was soon teaching Chefs, consulting restaurants, and catering events throughout the United States & Europe.
The Vital Creations/Rawchef Team embraced every opportunity to teach and share their art. Today, Vital Creations LLC has grown into an internationally renowned Restaurant Consultancy, Personal Chef Service, Caterer, and Food Design Firm, celebrating Living Foods with clients worldwide. Our team has consults dozens of the world's finest plant based restaurants, develops culinary programs for premiere spas and health centers around the globe, offers regular chef-seminars and trainings, and consults government and industry professionals on the benefits of Living Foods. Our Chefs have appeared on network television in numerous countries, and contributed to several cookbooks and industry publications, sharing the delight of the Living Foods tradition.
Vital Creations began as a personal journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. It has matured into a shared journey, with a growing and vibrant community. And with thankful hearts, our team continues its mission of celebrating life though Living Foods.
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